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Transform NetSuite into a world-class online selling platform.

Manage your sales channels natively within NetSuite.

Bring the complexities of selling on multiple channels into a single streamlined interface.

Natively create, remove, publish, and manage listings without ever leaving NetSuite, edit and modify product listing details with powerful tools.

Select which marketplaces items appear in, and sort large product databases with ease using powerful filters.

View real-time price data for each listing and use NetSuite's built in reporting to get access to every detail.

Integrate with leading marketplaces


Control Products

Control which items are listed for sale on each connected marketplace, individually or in bulk.

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Sync inventory

Real-time sync of inventory between NetSuite and all connected sales channels.

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Manage orders

Control which items are listed for sale on each connected marketplace individually or in bulk.

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Automatic repricing

ChannelUnity's world-class pricing algorithms ensure your product is priced to win.

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Supported NetSuite Functions

Sync Channels currently supports the following NetSuite functionality natively, with the ability to tailor the implementation as necessary.

Item Listing

  • Data mapping from NetSuite Item Record
  • Sync Item when Item is updated


  • Import and Create Sales Order from Marketplace order
  • Sync line items when Sales Order is updated
  • Auto-create Invoice for imported Sales Orders
  • Auto-create Customer Payment for imported Sales Orders


  • Sync inventory updates to marketplaces
  • Import marketplace carts as unapproved Sales Orders to support inventory reservations

Order Cancellations

  • Close Sales Order when marketplace order is cancelled
  • Send order cancellation when all Sales Order lines are closed


  • Auto-create Customer Record for imported Sales Orders
  • Apply Orders to related Customer Record


  • Fulfill marketplace order when Item fulfillment is shipped
  • Send Tracking Information

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