Can You Trust Data Connectors With Your Sales?

James Nichols | General
Can You Trust Data Connectors With Your Sales?

A White Glove Approach

The marketplace has created a necessity for flexibility as companies constantly shift to meet market demands.  It is critical to operate efficiently by finding ways to automate both front and back end processes.  Data connectors are an incredibly useful tool when trying to optimize sales across multiple marketplaces, but when integration problems arise, they can take an incredible amount of time, money and resources to solve.  

Your business will surely thrive or die on your sales alone, and you can’t entrust your sales to just anyone. Most data connectors allow you to connect anything to everything without a special focus on any one area in particular. When it comes to your sales, you should opt for a more white glove approach and choose a data connector that focuses on marketplaces specifically.  So what do you need to get results?  Let’s explore your options.

Data for Listings

When it comes to your listings you should be asking yourself, “Do I need endless options, or do I need help strengthening each listing?”  The data collected with companies that do it all make a lot of assumptions in order to do so.  By comparison, a more focused approach can offer special attention to your data and how it applies to your listings. With product landscapes and advertising changing so quickly, this can mean the difference between your product getting the Buy Box, or never being seen at all.

Marketplace Integration Requirements

Because marketplace integration requirements are constantly changing, your marketplace data connectors need to be ahead of the game in order to prevent downtime.  If you’re working with a company that connects anything to everything, they can’t possibly be ahead of it all, all the time.  Amazon in particular is extremely volatile.  If you’re utilizing Amazon Marketplace, you need a marketplace partner focused on ensuring those integrations are maintained and up to date.

Best Practices

Your product listings need maintenance and management.  By utilizing a managed integration to NetSuite, you’re ensuring a seamless transfer of data.  This is because you get custom mapping.  When choosing the companies who do everything, they utilize pre-built mapping tools and make a lot of assumptions about your data.  Having a consultant manage your integration will ensure best practices are being upheld with each listing, ultimately ensuring the highest placements and Buy Boxes in the marketplace.

Bottom Line

Yes, some companies need data connectors that do it all.  However, when it comes to connectors for marketplaces, the wise choice is to team up with a company that focuses on marketplaces specifically.   Treat yourself to a bit of white glove service by ensuring your valuable sales are in the right hands.  Your bottom line is the bottom line. Don’t get lost in the shuffle, reach out today to see what Sync Channels powered by ChannelUnity can do for you.